Kayyah version 2 Beta coming soon

If you are a homeowner or Vacation Owner:

We're glad you're here. Kayyah MLS was created in 2002 as an alternative to Realtor.com. Home owners have been restricted or banned from using the MLS. We think that the MLS should be OPEN.

The purpose of Kayyah MLS is to provide state-wide, national and worldwide access to a consistent real estate listing and marketing system that is 100% free from MLS politics. We have had hate mail and death threats from MLS organizations -- so we know we're on the right track.

Kayyah MLS is the first and only place where anyone can list any property for sale including:

  • Residential real estate listings
  • Commercial real estate listings
  • Businesses and franchises for sale
  • Homes for rent
  • Vacation rentals by owner
  • Luxury vacation rentals by owner or agency
  • Recreational Real Estate
  • Timeshares for sale or rent
  • Land, farms, cattle ranches

State-wide Kayyah MLS Licenses Now Available:

Because of RESPA, we have to work with one licensed real estate broker per state, per license. Because leads will be driven to the Kayyah MLS license owner, you will be selling the leads to local real estate agents and working with local real estate attorneys in your area. Kayyah is RETS and VPiX Certified so the tools used to create an MLS# also include a VPiX 360 HD server for supporting high-definition HTML5 virtual tours which looks great on iPhones and iPads.

To be considered and to apply for a Kayyah MLS license, please contact us.

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